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Fancy Camera


Lessons 101

Ready to stop shooting on Auto and learn to use your camera to finally get the images you want?

In a ONE ON ONE session you'll learn everything you need to know to become a more confident photographer within just a couple of hours.

Do you have an eye for photography?

One on One sessions. (1.5 hours)



Bring a notebook. We will begin by learning some key terms and functions on your camera. Then we will go out and put that information to use in a fun way.

Once we talk through the basics and dial in on the type of photography YOU are most interested in, we will go out and take a LOT of pictures together. 

You will learn about perspective, depth of field, using natural light and shadows to your advantage, various creative techniques, how to shoot still and moving subjects, night shooting tips and a lot more. 

As you photograph we will critique your images and make adjustments in real time. 


You will leave feeling like you finally know how to capture the images you see in your head, with some exercises to work on, and the confidence that you can take beautiful photos in any situation.

Email me for more information

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